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With MISH.ELLE, we have a unique custom design process that you won’t get anywhere else. We do everything in our power to offer our clients the absolute best service. Our appointments go a little bit differently than other bridal shops, starting off with a full two-hour slot to give you more time to feel comfortable and relaxed. This gives us time to get to know you and what your vision is for your wedding.

Building a connection is so important to our design process.  See more about our process below!

Step 1 – Consultation

Contact us and book a 2 hour initial deep-dive consultation. This includes trying on bridal gowns to get a sense of different styles and types, discussion around the vision for your wedding, creating a sketch that combines all of your favourite elements and features, and taking measurements for the perfect fit.

Step 2 -Production

In this step we work to refine and finalize the design so that it can go into production.  We finalize the order and confirm all specifications, get images ready of the dress mock up, make refinements to the design.  Once we receive final approval the dress is ordered and we typically receive it within 1-2 weeks. 

Step 3 – Final Fitting

Once the dress arrives comes the exciting part. Go ahead, try it on! We will do a final fitting, discuss accessories, go over all the details, and make sure your gown is perfect!

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